Main Ports

Method of Loading: General Cargo
Working hours: Mon to Fri 0700/1900 hrs & Sat 0700/1300 hrs
Overtime: Mon to Fri 1900/0700 hrs - Sat 0000/0700 hrs & 1300/2400 hrs - Sundays & Holidays
Frontage: 150 meters  
Water density: FW 0,998  
Depth alongside: 23'00" at datum + River height
Max LOA: 230 meters  
Max Air draft: 21,2 meters  
Bottom: Soft mud  
Bunkers available: NO  
Fresh water available: YES  
Provision supply available: YES  
Towage Assistance: One tug compulsory on departure for vessels over 110 meters LOA
Other: Four warehouses of 7000 sqm covered area, two of which are rented privately