Main Ports

Depth alongside: 37' 00"            
Draft restriction: No restriction at berth. Max draft allowed is informed by Coast Guard on a daily basis  
Max LOA: -            
Max Air draft: 21.8 m            
Max beam: -            
Frontage: 150 m afforded by four dolphins together with two oultying dolphins for bow and stern mooring  
Loading rate (per gang): Grains: 600 MT/Hour        
  By-products: 600 MT/Hour        
Usual gangs appointed: Two            
Loading rate (per hose): Vegoils: 500 MT/Hour        
  Biodiesel: 500 MT/Hour        
Working hours: Mon to Fri 0600 hs to 1800 hrs - Sat 0600 hs to 1200 hs        
Overtime hours: Mon to Fri 1800 hs to 0600 hs - Sat fm 1200 hs till 2400 hs - Sundays & Holidays 24 all day  
Bottom: Mud            
Bunkers available: NO            
Fresh water available: YES            
Provision supply available: YES (only by boat)            
Garbage disposal: YES (only by boat)            
Towage Assistance: Not required            
Storage Capacity: Grains: 220,000 MT          
  By-products: 180,000 MT          
  Vegoils: 50,000 MT          
  Biodiesel: 10,000 MT          
Cargoes handled: - Soya husk pellets - Crude soyabean oil        
  - Soyabean Oil - Sunflowerseed oil        
  - Soyabean meal - Biodiesel