Date: August 08th, 2018

The decrease of the Paraná River, caused by the lower rains in southern Brazil, is the most serious in the last ten years, while the last two weeks the phenomenon affected the operation of 61 cargo ships Upriver.

In Rosario the river is approximately 0.50 meters below the reference guide in the different shallow points along the Parana river. Meanwhile, the wáter level according the Hydrometer of Puerto Rosario showed a level of 1.85 meters, when the historical reference value is 2.47 meters.

The records obtained in recent weeks show that the height of the Paraná River in the Port of Rosario is the lowest since 2008. For August 3, 2018 the measurement was 1.90 meters, far exceeding the previous record lowest that was 2.37 meters for the same date of the year 2008.

Looking back at  the last 5 years (2013-2018), the difference is remarkable and shows the severity of the current downspout. The daily heights during the month of July between 2013 and 2017 were located in a range of between 3.4 and 5 meters, a difference of 2.3 meters in relation to the average value of the interval mentioned in 2018.

In the last two weeks around 61 vessels were affected by the downpipe.

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