Regarding the scale of the outbreak of COVID-19, and the World Health Organization classification of the same as a Pandemic, we would like to share with you the following article regarding its situation in Argentina, and the measures to be taken:   

In the midst of the classification of the Covid-19 coronavirus as a Pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), President Alberto Fernández signed a decree that establishes the mandatory quarantine for Argentines who land in the country from destinations affected by the virus. Those who fail to meet this deadline and put the health of third parties at risk will be criminally accused of cover-up.

In addition, as published in the Official Bulletin, the Government will launch today a new entry protocol for tourists from countries where the disease is already circulating. Those who intend to travel to Argentina will have to obtain a health visa and will also be required to spend 14 days in quarantine.

Yesterday, Government officials and airline representatives met to define the steps to follow regarding flights and precautionary tasks at borders and airports. A new mandatory protocol was defined for flights arriving in the country, which includes the "isolation" of all passengers "who present symptoms compatible with the Covid-19", such as fever and cough, throat difficulties or respiratory disease.

FYG, Sanitary Authorities will not be taking into account any "quarantine" expenses, and all will be on passenger-side.