Following up on our latest, regarding the mandatory 14 day quarantine imposed to all vessels coming to Argentina due to the recent case of a vessel with COVID-19 positive crew and pilots leaving Argentina, we are glad to inform that the Executive Branch has just released a new note, stating  different scenarios for vessels coming to Argentina, which are as follows:

1 - General 

Applicable for any vessel that reaches Argentina having passed more than 14 days from its last call, or has made its last call within the last 14 days, but in countries not included in the list of high risk areas (*). Vessels will have to comply with the following documentation: Daily temperature report of the entire crew, traveler's health declaration of the last 14 days of the crew, indication of the relays made and the origin of the crew members, review of the medical book and consumption of medications in that period, other additional measures according to risk assessment and other requirements that may be necessary.

2 - Vessels coming from high risk areas without crew changes 

In addition to what is detailed in point 1, regarding any vessel that reaches the aforementioned countries and less than 14 days have elapsed, without crew changes for more than 14 days. Vessels must follow their own Sanitary Protocol of each Maritime Line or Vessel and comply with the Entrance & Exit Log of people to the vessel. They must comply with the temperature taking in Recalada or Zona Comun and in port.

3 - Vessels coming from high risk areas with crew changes 

In addition to what is detailed in points 1 and 2, and valid for any vessel that has made changes in crew or that a crew member had to be temporarily disembarked for reasons that cannot be postponed, and less than 14 days have elapsed since the last sail. In this case, they must comply with the Crew change protocol which has been done in the foreign country and a Sworn Declaration for the last 14 days of the crew member.

4 - Vessels obliged to comply with mandatory quarantine  

Adding to the latter, Vessels that have positive COVID-19 cases aboard or suspicious cases declared by Sanitary Authorities, vessels will have to comply with a 14 day quarantine from the day of sail from its last port. This also applies for vessels which fail to deliver proper documentation.


(*) List of High Risk Areas: China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Europe, United States, Brazil, Chile