Government has suspended exports registrations until Thursday 16th August. 

Agroindustry slows sales abroad and justifies changes in soybean withholding.

Date: August 08th, 2018

    Due to extraordinary ebb, Port Pilots sent the latest bathymetry carried out in access channel of San Nicolas Port (Puerto Nuevo Terminal), showing a river's depth of 6.90 mts at datum.

     Glad to inform you that Necochea Port Administration have decided that all vessels berthing on mondays to fridays between 19:00 hrs and 24:00 hrs or saturdays between 12:00 hrs and 24:00 hrs o

Please be informed that Private Commercial Ports Chamber (CPPC), in representation of its associates, have expressed their concern about the bad conditions of cargo holds upon arrival to loadports.

We are proud to announce that since May 22nd 2018, Maritima Heinlein SA was awarded the FONASBA QUALITY STANDARD (FQS) Certificate by the "Federation of National Associations of Sh