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Glad to inform that Berth 12 (owned by Glencore, ACA and some local investors) at Necochea Port is al

Ref: Dredging Operations at San Nicolas port - Breaking News

Last Saturday, left-wing government ramped up export taxes on grains and soybeans and their derivatives, in a widely anticipated, but potentially controversial move.

We are pleased to inform that on last Tuesday September 17th M/V YU PENG berthed alongside Puerto Nuevo Berth, in order to discharge two new Genma cranes of 34 mt capacity (origin: Port of Nantong,

Please note that today Sep 18th / 0835 hrs MV Agia Eleni, loaded with abt 29,000 MT Maize bound to Cuba with a sailing draft of 9,90 meters, went aground at left margin of km 342.5 Paraná River obs